Lawnmower and Landscaping Equipment Disposal Near Me

Lawnmower and Landscaping Equipment Disposal in Aurora, CO

Most lawns, if cared for properly will look great and have a long and healthy life. But sometimes older lawns will start to show some wear and tear from foot traffic, pets, weeds, floods, drought or heat.

The usual process to replace your existing lawn is to remove some of the clay soil, replace it with topsoil and replant with a hardy seed or sod. But sometimes this is not the ideal solution, for example, if you have a landscaped garden and there is little room for earthmoving equipment that might damage your existing flower beds, pathways etc Another issue is that this method is expensive and very time consuming.

Lawnmower and Landscaping Equipment Disposal Near Me

Lawnmower and Landscaping Equipment Disposal
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Landscaping Cleanup: What to Do with Old Equipment?

We’ve all heard of someone who tried to save a dollar by re-laying their own lawn… and the horror stories that go along with it.

Save the Environment by Recycling Denver, CO
Save the Environment by Recycling Denver, CO

Utilising new state-of-the-art machinery, your old lawn can be recycled into the perfect base for your new lawn. This innovative new technique is quick, clean and an environmentally friendly way to breathe new life into your lawn. It uses your existing lawn as a base for a vibrant new lawn that will last the life of your lawn.

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Replacing a Lawn DIY
To relay a lawn yourself, there are a number of time consuming and expensive stages involved: –
Repeated spraying to kill of existing vegetation
Hiring of turf cutting equipment and lifting away old turf
Hiring of bobcat and tipper to remove old turf
Delivery of new soil and application
Amelliorant application
Purchase new turf
Installing new turf
Watering new turf
Rolling new turf
Maintaining new turf
Is your lawn suitable for Lawn Recycling?

Schedule Junk Removal for Lawnmowers and Riding Mowers

A lawn can be recycled for new homes, existing lawns, landscaping projects and sports grounds.
Benefits of Recycling
Uses current soil
No need for Bobcat hire
Low impact on your garden
Environmentally friendly
Minimal spraying required
Faster than starting again
More Cost Effective than starting again

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